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Technology experts providing high quality content about technology by carrying out real-time tests for tech enthusiasts!

Sharehobe is a tech blog that offers news, opinions, trends, and updates related to technology. Since 2022, the company has had the only goal: to acquaint the computer users, power users, and sysadmins with how they can make the best use of technology.

We offer reviews for multiple devices, software and services. Not only that but we also tell our readers about the latest news related to technology. Our only aim is to provide coverage of the technology world.

Our website mainly focuses on Microsoft knowledge, Windows news, software reviews and downloads, tips and tricks, security, office productivity, Life, Travel, Business, Photography and whatnot.

Whether you are in search of a minor tip or a huge suggestion, we can help you provide every answer you are looking for about technology. We have highly educated staff on board to meet unique and unforeseen possibilities.

Get simple answers to your complex problems by our competent technology innovators.

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We are a worldwide clique to help people with the best possible answers related to technology in a very effective way. Our main mission is to provide the most actionable information about technology data, Culture and updates.

We are a team of technologists and bloggers who are striving to make technology more accessible to the people already using it.

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Aminul Islam

The Editor in Chief & Platform Moderator



The Editor in Chief & Platform Moderator

ZxTaposh is a seasoned IT professional. He has been working in the IT industry for the last 2 years. From creating a simple network including physical cabling to consulting for SMEs about cloud computing, he has vast experience in the computing industry.